Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Nana

Welcome to the world little Connor William... 
your Nana loves you!


  1. Ginormous congratulations to the new grands! I am very excited for both of you, and there will be years of fun ahead. He is so tiny, but the biggest gift you could ever receive! More pics, please....

  2. Congratulations Deb! For me - there is nothing more joyous than being a "Gwamma"! Enjoy the moments! xxoo

  3. Yay! Joyous times ahead for you Nana!

  4. Omigoodness, Deb. I totally missed this. What a little beauty. Hope all has continued well and we will see some updates soon.

  5. Congratulations for this beautiful baby !!
    And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog recently... I've just seen it sorry to reply lately but it was blocked in my Spam. You make beautiful AJ pages I see Deb !
    Enjoy all the moments you are going to have now with this little baby, that's always great times... Crafty hugs, Coco x